2nd Hand 1.2T AWD Going Back

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2nd Hand 1.2T AWD Going Back

Post by Hooky » Sat Oct 26, 2019 3:54 pm

Hi All

I've made the 'mistake' of listening to a salesman's assurances that the 1.2T Excel AWD would achieve a reasonable MPG (I know define reasonable!)

However, after driving it from the word go like the most fragile thing and yet only achieving 29 MPG its going back. Very long story short and without falling out with the Toyota dealer, it is being swapped out for a Hybrid of similar spec but 2wd. A test drive in a hybrid returned 57 mpg on mixed roads and without trying to drive like there was an uncooked egg striped to my right sole!

So from disappointment to (hopefully) delight when the new (to me) exchange comes in.

The forum was found after searching for C-HR mobile phone holder ;)

After reading the thread and looking what's available I'm going down the DIY route as I already have a KANU frame and it ought to clip onto a bracket wedged between the display and dash. Currently its on the air vent headsets the driver's door. I don't like it there as the vent is blocked and I can see the phone getting hot if I use the vent in winter to help clear the size windows.

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Re: 2nd Hand 1.2T AWD Going Back

Post by Malc1975 » Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:31 am

29 mpg ouch that's bad

Glad you managed to get it exchanged

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