New (to me) C-HR Dynamic - Decuma Grey (Hybrid)

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New (to me) C-HR Dynamic - Decuma Grey (Hybrid)

Post by RichardS » Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:38 pm

Well I have had my 2019 (68) C-HR for just a few weeks and been delighted with it so far!

I make many trips up and down the motorway (mainly during the football season) and achieved a very good 64.8 mpg on my first trip this week, very impressed with that, as it bettered my diesel KIA by some 10 mpg.

Lovely to drive, precise steering with the power when I need it, just need to stop my left leg from occasionally trying to find a clutch pedal...

Very happy!
** 2019 (68) C-HR Dynamic Hybrid in Decuma Grey with Premium Pack **

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Re: New (to me) C-HR Dynamic - Decuma Grey (Hybrid)

Post by djw » Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:58 pm

Glad your delighted with your new C-HR Dynamic - Decuma Grey ( Hybrid ) you say you get 64.8 mpg from many trips up & down the motorway,Our C-HR Dynamic Hybrid - Decuma Grey which we collected new on 30th July 2019 from our dealer, We run in the tyres for 500 miles & 1000 miles for engine,gearbox etc, After we locked our chr for the night, We got a smell of petrol & while driving at times (only at times ) we smelt petrol within the cabin,So cut the long story short we took our car back to dealer & it was found the settings were wrong on the car,anyway after 3 days the dealer put our car right,Now no smell of petrol our car runs very well,We drove from Essex through London & back covered 74 miles & surprised we got 87.4 mpg in Eco mode but found watching mpg counter readings & the mpg was showing up to 71 mpg then look again the reading went down to 59 mpg But the final reading was 87.4 mpg when we got home, We filled our tank to the brim with petrol the next day & the range showed 574 miles,So they say drive well do not over Rev in Eco mode keep light on the gas. :D

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