Daft question and sorry if already asked... wheel jack.

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Re: Daft question and sorry if already asked... wheel jack.

Post by CJS1 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:05 pm

The part number of the space saver wheel kit is GBNGA-CHRSS-VP. It comes with a space saver spare wheel, polystyrene floor supports, new floor, holding down screw, jack and wheel wrench. It raises the boot floor a few inches to almost the same level as when the back seats are folded down. You just swap the existing polystyrene packing and floor with the new one.
Its quite expensive, its whether you want to go to the expense or not.
When I bought my car last month the Dealer wasn't that interested in selling me one and said they weren't available at the time.
I got one from Burrows auto parts in Sheffield.
I just don't trust the aerosol can of gunk, it just doesn't work.
Some people are happy enough with it, which is fair enough. Its just your own personal choice and peace of mind.

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