MPG - for those of you who have the 1.2 Turbo

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MPG - for those of you who have the 1.2 Turbo

Post by Overexposed » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:10 pm

I don’ t know if there is a topic already for that but all I found were statistics and a topic for the hybrid version. I own the car for about a month and I would like some other opinions-measurements on the 1.2 turbo manual fuel consumption and behavior in general.

I measure the consumption from fill up to fill up and I started with 8,5lt/100km and I am now to an average of 10lt/100km...I use normal mode... Whenever I used eco mode I didnt see much improvement and the driving experience was not that good. I like the sport mode and have achieved some very good results but it’s not for everyday use. I usually drive the car in Athens medium to heavy traffic to go to work.

From my experience I see that the car is capable of very good consumption when the road is slightly downhill (I once achieved 4,9lt/100km) but not that good going slightly uphill. It’s probably the weight too.

Another thing I noticed is that when I start from stop everytime I get an instant 30lt/100km measure that then goes down but it affects the average... Is that true? Is that normal? Do you experience that too? I also sometimes see the consumption grow instantly when stopped in neutral.

I am very careful with the pedal cause I am still trying to understand how the car behaves. Does the weather play a role in fuel consumption too? What about IMT or hold button? Do they have an impact?

I would say that the 1.2 turbo is certainly not economical but not that bad if you compare it with big cars.

Turbo owners share your experiences and your numbers with me. I am sure a lot of future buyers will find that useful too.
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Re: MPG - for those of you who have the 1.2 Turbo

Post by holyhead » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:03 pm

There is already a topic.
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