Sat Nav speed warning.

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Sat Nav speed warning.

Post by Dave.L » Thu Jan 03, 2019 2:06 pm

Hi, I have c-hr hybrid excel 9 months old and having problem with the speed warning. It is set to come on at 3 miles over the limit. If the voice does come on, and it doesn't always happen, I am doing 10 mph over the limit. I have just had software update and this has made no difference. It use to be quite accurate but not anymore. Please can anyone help. Dave.L

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Re: Sat Nov speed warning.

Post by kiig » Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:18 pm

maybe a stupid question, - but you are aware the speedometer is showing 7-8% over actual gps speed ? let me explain what I have :
You have 2 options of warnings - in the 'center display' I have set it to warn at 5 km./h above the limit (as seen by the sign-scanner)
That will warn when I go 5 km./h above whatever it has seen , but as the speedometer is showing 7-8% MORE than actual gps speed, - it will actually trigger this warning just below, - or at the limit.

roadsigns says 80, - I am driving 85 on the speedometer but the actual GPS speed is 77-78, - and it will warn.

the gps however, is reacting to GPS speed, - so setting that to yell at 5 km/h above, - will cause the alert-speech 5 km/h above true gps speed.

so, - roadsign's says 80, - I am now doing 92 on the speedometer (already had the first warning bleeps from the center display at 85 on the speedometer), - and then I get the speech "the speed limit is 80.

So this is just to illustrate the different ways of measuring.
a 'speech warning' at 5 km./h above speed limit will not appear, in my above example, before I am doing 92 or something on the meeter. Way above as you say.

but the speech "the speed limit is..." is accurate in terms of true GPS speed + the limit you have set.

p.s. I have a true GPS meter/display in the car also.

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Re: Sat Nav speed warning.

Post by MacTky » Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:43 am

To get the true speed according to the law (road sign) where must I set the warning?

I usually set my warning at the legal limit, but looking at the above example I must be driving under the legal limit. Have I understood that correctly?

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