Humidity on the inside of the cabin

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Re: Humidity in cabin

Post by MadOnion » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:34 am

Hi Eccles236

Did it help with the new rubber seal?

I have the excact same problem. I have fitted af BlackVue 900 2-CH Dashcam, and also removed the rubber seal through installation, and the other day I had 0,5 cm. water in the trunk in the spare wheel well. I also noticed some humidity mark on my touch screen. It is several months since I installed the camera, and the car had been washed several time in the meantime. But the other day we have really heavy rain.

All of you with humidity problems, can you please check if you have water in the trunk where the spare wheel is supposed to fit.

Regards from Denmark.

Eccles236 wrote:
Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:46 pm
I have had a Blackvue 750s dash cam and rear view camera fitted and during fitting the back boot lid rubber seal was removed
and then refitted. Water has now ingressed down to the bottom boot floor.
I am informed by Toyota that the boot seal is only fitted once and if removed during fitting of rear cameras a new rubber seal
has to be purchased to ensure it is the boot is resealed.
The camera was not fit by Toyota is it mentioned in any handbook that this seal needs to be replaced with a new seal if removed for fitting auxiliary parts

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