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Your opinion about the 1.2 engine

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My C-HR will be arriving in april. I bought the 1.2 engine CVT.

I test drove the C-HR for about an hour before buying but didn't really drive it on the highway. I read a lot of reviews and saw a lot of youtube reviews and it seems that a lot of reviewers say that the engine isn't powerfull enough for this car. (Although most of them do prefer the 1.2 engine abobe the 1.8 hybrid version)

I'm was wondering if any 1.2 engine owners could tell me what their toughts and experiences are. How does the car perform on highways? How is the acceleration? Do you think it is underpowered? Do you miss a more powerfull engine?
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Not an owner but I did take a test drive. My opinion was I couldn't buy one with the current engine choices. Personally I found the 1.2 lacklustre. Lots of pedal travel, several inches in fact and no response. When it did react it was far from nippy. That said if you've bought one, stop worrying and enjoy it! It's too late now to worry about it.
I test drove the 1.2 and found it quite responsive, as long as you are selecting the right gear.
6th gear is just for cruising! Dropping down a gear and the engine does have some poke.
The stats for hybrid and 1.2T are pretty similar.
I've gone for the manual myself as don't like the CVT and the manual is a great in the CH-R.
I did some motorway driving and was cruising at 80mph, if you want to overtake then drop down a gear.
I'm coming from a Honda civic 2.2cdti which is no slouch, and really didn't miss the power (torque) that much. Might do on those small space overtaking manovres, but then you drive with in the car limits.
@RHC you are right, i ordered, so i'm "stuck" with it. But was just wondering what "normal" people have to say about the engine, and not reviewers that change cars every day (sort of speak).

I'm driving a hyundai i30 (1.6 116hp automatic) at the moment. I don't drive on the highway every day but when i do i find it lacking in power. (It doesn't have a turbo and only 4 gears).

While testdriving the C-HR (with CVT) i found it quite responsive (like mills699 said) and very much liked it. But after reading so many (bad) reviews i couldn't help thinking that i should have taken it to the highway also (my mistake).

Anyway, the C-HR will probably perform fine for me (as i am a city driver).
I test drove them both mainly on the highway (80 miles/hour) Hybrid + 1.2 CVT and I noticed not much different between them.
The only thing is the annoying sound from the CVT system and I think the 1.2 was a little less.
But you have to learn to drive with a CVT. If you try to accelerate fast (pedal max down) then the engine go,s to the
maximum rev and stay there til you have the speed you want (80 miles) and then the rev goes,s down. That is the way CVT works and quick enough you get used to at. There should alway,s been people who never get used to it. I put the pedal down the rev go,s high up and then I let the pedal go,s up and the car still accelerated while the revs go,s down.
Before I drove a VW polo GT DSG (0-100km 7,8 sec) and I must say that is very helpful if you want a quick take over on
the Highway or even town.
With the CHR (0-100km 11 sec) is quite different.
Finally, if I compared with the GT there is not so much different (except speed and acceleration).
The reason that I finally choose the Hybrid was the delivery time. I order the Hybrid the 1th off December and it was delivered the 19th of January. For the 1.2T CVT, I had to wait til the end of march or beginning of April l and I don,t wanted to wait so long. Then also I liked the Hybrid Technik. So I think the 1.2T is a good choice and forget the tests.
The tests are only an indication to help the people to make up their mind depending on their need and money they want to spend (have).
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Mills699 said:
I test drove the 1.2 and found it quite responsive, as long as you are selecting the right gear.
It will depend on what you're used to as well. I had it in 1st and I found it gutless but then again I drive a 140bhp Honda that responds instantly to even a millimetre of pedal travel.
Spot on!
Most "reliable reviewers" often drive much more powerful cars and when they sit behind the wheel of a normal car, they consider it underpowered.

Journalists are also used to variable torque and engine speeds, changing gears, diesels and usually test 0-60-100mph where the CVT seems odd and noisy. So they claim
In real world the average driver is used to lower powered cars and the CVT revs the engine only for short periods of time before you are annoyed. In the rest of the time it behaves much better than a conventional gearbox - smooth acceleration, low and variable revs of the engine. Also the hybrid's e-CVT is much more reliable than any other type of gearbox.
Picked my 1.2t auto up last Tuesday! its smooth and won't win any races with hot hatches :) me likey!
RHC said:
My opinion was I couldn't buy one with the current engine choices. Personally I found the 1.2 lacklustre.
I haven't test driven one yet but being the only engine choice in Australia, I'm worried about this. It would be great to have at least the 1.8L Hybrid as well!
So I had two GT86's before and thought 1,2 turbo ? not for me, but after test driving the 1.2 turbo I was quite surprised, I did not like the hybrid but bought the 1.2 manual, yep first gear is just to get it moving but once the turbo kicks in its fine, much quicker than I thought with very little body roll.

No issues with power
I was slightly worried changing from a 2.0 Sri Cdti Astra GTC which was really quick.

On the test drive for the 1.2T manual both my husband and I were impressed with how nippy it was.

Took delivery of mine yesterday and took it for a quick blast on the M25 today. I have no concerns now. It was really responsive.

Loving it so far :D .
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