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Windscreen camera

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Had the car nearly a week. A few days ago I noticed that the Road Sign Assist wasn't working. I checked on the display and it was greyed out. I went through some of the other Driver Assist electrics and saw that LDA was also greyed out. Logical conclusion: windscreen camera. Maybe fuse?
I live over an hour away from the dealer so phoned.
The technician told me that on the Avensis this was a known problem but he thought "they had got it sorted"- it seems that condensation can get in. It may sort itself out over time...but depends upon the weather.
I'm not impressed.
Anyone else had this? Yet?!
:? :(
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I got something similar.
I got the message twice know that the camera for the PCS (Pre-Collision
System) was not working because of a fogged windshield.
The windshield seems clear to me so I expect there was some blocking (fogged) between
the camera and the windshield. After a couple of minutes, the message disappears and I think
everything was alright ( little difficult to test the pre-collision system).

I not noticed of the Road Sign Assist wasn't working because I was not looked for it.
The problem looks like some fogged headlight who disssapear after a view minutes.
I have had several times this kind of problem because of wheather at winters in Finland. I have asked solution of this problem from finnish Toyota represantive and by him there should be some kind(?) of heating-system for the cameras behind the windshield. This system should remove fog automaticly from the cameras in few minutes after fogging. I can agree, that the heating system is mostly working but not so efficiently than in my previous MY16 Auris TS Hybrid which got the heating system afterwards by the Toyota.

Before Auris I had Avensis MY16 and there was only few similar problems at very difficult conditions last winter.

Thank you both for the replies. :)
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