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Windows up,Windows down!

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Just a quickie,my car was in at the dealers yesterday for a refit of the bumper protector(first one fitted was not central and was lifting,also small scratch which is being done next week)whilst I was waiting I mentioned on my old Lexus I could open and close all the windows from the remote,so when I picked my car up they had programmed the car to do this,you just hold down the unlock button for about two seconds and the car unlocks and all four windows come down and when you lock the opposite happens.(I showed my wife but she was not impressed and said it must be a man thing! :D )
Happy driving.
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Yep, it's been talked about on here and needs reprogramming via techstream.

Even my 21yr old jag has this, my Audi also.

Just tell the wife that she will not be using it when it gets really hot and she wants to cool the car/herself down after it's been sitting out in the sun for a few hours :lol:
And be careful not to use the function when you leave your car at an automatic car wash. It helped me once to wash my Lexus inside. The only problem is that the drying function did not help to dry the interior as well. :lol:
A month later I had a hybrid battery fault and had to replace it.
My dealer did mine today, could play with it until the battery goes flat! :lol:
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