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White options

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Hi guys...Two white ladys,what one would you take for a spin? :cool: :lol: Tire Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle


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The Vauxhall :lol: :lol: :lol:
Congrats Rick, I guess the cabrio is for the weekends. ;)
I notice that your C-HR has SUV pack. Could you please take closer pictures of the Side bars and the front guard? I am interested to see if they can actually protect the car or they are only for looks.
nice , i would take the Porsche if it was sunny ,
cheers guys,to be honest the suv kit/ bars are just for looks,not that strong
Looks really good Rick... Making me think if I went for the correct colour now!
cheers..yes i knew the blue and grey would be the most popular colours and white,but not pearl with black roof an matt black wheels ect.
but it was a close call between excel with same spec.would have been a better saving to be did you not wait for a 17 plate?
Going to put mudflaps on next week hopefully as only 36£ from toyota,and thinking of a white/silver edge on rimof wheels like the amg slk55 have on there black rims?
Best looking white car I have ever seen.
would like to see it with white edge on wheels, but i think in this case less is more appealing , stunning
Freshly washed white pearl under the sun:
Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Grille


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Very nice
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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