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What does C-HR stand for?

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Does it really stand for "Coupe - High Rider"? Every single review I've watched says that, but in a number of official Toyota videos I've seen "Compact High Rider" and not once "Coupe - High Rider"
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Officially nothing, but they suggest if anything it could stand for Compact High Rider. See this article here:

Wiki says it could be one of three names: The name C-HR stands for Compact High Rider, Cross Hatch Run-about or Coupé High-Rider.
I think they come up with a new explanation dependent on country/region...that's what 'marketeers' are paid for :)
Still it's strange how all Toyota official clips say it's "Compact High Rider" and all reviews say it's "Coupe High Rider". And that's no matter what language the review is or in which country it's made.
Does it really matter? :)
well i asked Toyota UK and this was their answer "the name derives from Compact High Rider and Cross Hatch Run-about." so take your pick ,
personally i prefer compact . ;)
Coupe High Rider based on the original concept that came out 2 years ago. The car was originally styled to be a Coupe. Another name (can't remember what it was) was trialled and market tested in Japan but didn't get a lot of love so they stuck with C-HR
I see now. I also prefer "Compact" more.
Nothing about the size of the C-HR screams 'compact' to me.

Unless you would classify a sized 16 woman trying to squeeze into size 12 clothes to convince herself that she's petite? :)

The styling is more 'coupé like than anything I've seen thus far.
Well, C-HR is definitely much more compact in space than e39 touring I'm driving until May, even if it looks much smaller
Perhaps, so I currently drive an Audi A6 quattro and a Jaguar XK which are far more hefty in weight (1600-1750kg) and power (225-300bhp), so from my personal ownership not a 'respective' thing.

I would classify a nissan micra or a fiesta as compact, not however a kumquat or jamjar which the C-HR is most compared to :)
well it is supposed to be an suv so it is a bit on the small size, and i am quoting from a man from Toyota so hey what do they know.
ans said:
i am quoting from a man from Toyota so hey what do they know.
With over 300,000 men and women from Toyota they could all say quite different things.
yeh just asked them again and got told coupe high rider lol, who cares i love my one
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