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Hi Everyone,

For the past couple of months now I've started to notice a rather loud squeak by my right ear, and I believe it is within the pillar or door cavity. Has anyone else noticed this or has had it repaired? Only had the car for roughly 6 months now and have never heard a squeak in another car this bad. It is colder now than when I bought the car so I may not be used to it, but I'm worried something is rubbing/ loose that shouldn't be.

Also, whenever it rains (light or hard) there is almost a constant sound of water streaming through the cabin coming from both central pillars in the car. The seals are fine on both doors, so I am not worried about leakage, but it is really annoying unless I'm blasting music to muffle the sound.

Anyone got solutions to the above?

Thank you.

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Ear plugs :lol:
No your the first I believe to mention water and a squeak
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