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Warming greets from the cold Denmark!

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Hello to everyone!

I just found this forum and I said to myself it is a 'must' to register in, being a C-HR fan and soon (approx. 2 weeks) a happy owner of a hybrid 'First Edition'. I've been lucky to see it and test it in Sweden, on 21st of October. (One of my friends recorded part of the event, but at that time we were not allowed to show the car on the track, moving; but if you are interested by the video you can check it out here

I hope I will find here in the future new interesting stories and good advices about new Toyota's kid, C-HR!

Best regards,
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Congrats Andy! I also got hooked on C-HR the first time I looked at the pictures and saw it live in September.
Also I managed to have a test driev in September. See the pictures in my posting. It was also the same, it was not allowed to post pictures or videos of the moving car. My Auris Hybrid Sports Touring will change to C-HR Hybrid Premium in two weeks just before Christmas.

Best regards Reima
Hey Reima,
Thank you for the comment. I understand we are two 'big kids' that Santa loves so much and he brings our special present in advance... :p I am excited as you are!

Annoying fact: Toyota will bring my car with summer wheels (and my dealer does not know when he can order winter wheels for me!)... Lucky me, this December the danish weather is friendly yet!
Hi Andy, why grow up, we only live one time :-D
I'll post pictures later.

This is my contact salesman Jukka in Finnish dealer in Vantaa, great guy.
I had made a personal C-HR cap for him and to myself.

My C-HR will have winter tires with hooks and wondering how the JBL sounds will work with the tyre noices.


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Nice cap! And Jukka seems to be a great guy too.
My salesman explained me that Toyota DK decided to bring the cars with summer tires to keep the price down! Strange decision, in my opinion! It seems they want to help the salesmen to make more money! Usually, people want to have winter tires... in the winter... :D
About the music of your tires on asphalt with the JBL audio-system: TURN-UP THE VOLUME!!!! ;)
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