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Vibrations from engine once hv battery is flat

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I Just wondered if this was normal. I had been crawling round at city traffic speed for a good mile or two and the hv battery had got low.

As i touched the accelerator to gently induce the motor the engine started vibrating at a guessed 2000rpm. It was like a small diesel engine lol. It would stop and cut out if i braked/regenned. But the second i touched the accelerator it started vibrating again. Once the battery was topped up this didn't happen again.
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It's strange you got your battery flat. That should never happen
I think the battery is low, not flat.
I have not had this with the C-HR, but I had this with my previous Auris. The engine (ICE) is started to charge the battery.
It will be running at a resonance frequency which resembles a diesel. It can be annoing.
Yes I think it still had one bar or something. I just wasn't expecting it. It feels like they have set the lowest possible rpm and highest generation amps so it judders as the magnets pass.

As long as every one else's does it its fine lol. I just sounded like an OAP reversing out of a space for 4 minutes at 2mph
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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