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Tyrol Silver Vs Metal Stream

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Hi guys, can anyone describe to me the difference between these two colours.

I'm hesitant to order my CHR Excel (UK) inTyrol Silver as most of the Toyota PR images are Metal Stream or Pearl White.

Googling 'CHR Tyrol Silver' will turn up a few images but none I'd 100% trust not to actually be Metal Stream. Long story short, I've trawled through loads of images on Faceache/Instagram and all the silver CHR's have all turned out to be Metal Stream (confirmed by the owner or photographer).

From what I've seen,due to the shape of the CHR, Metal Stream seems to change from silver to grey depending on the lighting and Tyrol Silver doesn't. Anyone confirm this?

I'd be grateful for any help whatsoever, I just want to confirm a colour now and get it ordered :D

Cheers, 816
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I'm not sure how realistic this is but this site seem s to show a distinct difference between the two
Tyrol silver is just plain silver where as the metal stream is slightly darker and definitely the better silver.
Seen the CH-R in both silver's and would definitely pick the metal stream out of the two.
garrywma said:
I'm not sure how realistic this is but this site seem s to show a distinct difference between the two
Cheers Garry, I had seen that and it certainly looks like there's a huge margin between the colours there.

Mills699 said:
metal stream is slightly darker and definitely the better silver
This the concern though Mills, on the CHR configuartor there isn't a slight difference, it's fairly substantial like the link Garry posted up.

It looks like I'm going to need to start phoning dealers until I locate one with both colours so I can check them out. Out of curiousity though Mills, if there's only a slight difference between them, why would you pick Metal Stream?
Saw them in the show room and the metal stream did have more "lighting" on it with its black roof. So probably made it lighter than it was.
Just look at a normal silver Toyota and that's Tyrol silver.
Metal stream is slightly darker (slightly greyer silver) and definitely suits the CH-R more.
The car configurator is rubbish in my opinion. I've ordered the Havana brown after seeing it the flesh in excel trim and is a really nice colour.
Plus a bit different to the metal steam or pearl white.
This is the Havana brown which is definitely not the "poo" brown on the configurator and is more golden brown in sunlight.
View attachment 257

I'm at the dealers today so will try to get pictures in the difference.


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It does look pretty different to the configuartor from that picture. I went round 4 dealers today and all they had was Pearl White, Black or Metal Stream. The wife is quite keen on Metal Stream now after seeing 4 of them today, it's a cracking colour and it'll probably be what we go with but I'll be second guessing my decision until I eventually come across a Tyrol Silver one... Keeps the wife happy though!
I continued my hunt for pictures of the illusive Tyrol Silver and found one on Instagram, at an unveiling with the designer proudly stood in front. So I asked him which colour to pick & he said that he'd choose Tyrol Silver. As a side note, he also mentioned that the US don't have this as an option, Metal Stream is the only silver they get.

So my order's now placed with delivery on the 28th of February.

I'll upload some photos when it arrives so anyone else browsing the forums (with the same problem) can see what it looks like in real world lighting.
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