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So this morning I took the car out and all was well, after leaving it in a cold car park for a couple of hours I returned to the car and straight away after startup the front parking sensor was beeping as if I was very close to something. Nothing in front of the car though. Had a look at the front, gave the sensors a wipe and was all clear but the alarm was still sounding. :?:

Drove the car home and every time the speed dropped below 5mph the front parking sensor would activate. :?

Had a search on here when I got home and noticed a few posts pointing the problem towards the number plate.

With this is mind I removed the front number plate......the beeping stopped. Put it back on, beeping started again so it was definitely the number plate causing it.

After a bit of experimentation I discovered that it was actually the end of the number was bent slightly off of the bumper, literally about 5mm. Could that be causing it? Stuck a bit of tape on the end to hold it against the bumper......beeping stopped. Removed the tape, beeping started again! The number plates on mine are metal and so I bent the plate to the shape of the bumper and replaced it with the plate flush to the holder/bumper.... hey presto, no beeping. :D

So firstly the problem of the false alarm from the front sensor is definitely caused by the number plate. Not necessarily being too low but can be caused by the ends sticking too far forward, even by a few millimetres.

Secondly, thanks to this forum for pointing me in the right direction and saved me having to return to the dealer. :)
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