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Toyota Touch2 with external MAPs Mirrorlink Drivelink

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Oh yes

This works with Touch 2 with or without GO

You need :

a. Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with android 4.3 version (lol)
b. Usb data cable (the original cable)
c. Drivelink app (DriveLink1.1.028.apk) <----- Seatch this in google...
d. Google maps installed on the phone
you plug it an voila !!! Google maps with traffic (if you have data card)

.... i will upload photos soon
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Hi, that sounds interesting. I'm in Cyprus, and we don't get the satellite navigation here. So I've been thinking how one can get GPS through the phone. I'll try to do what you advised, hope it works for me!
if you have toyota touch 2 system its easy... hey i am from Greece !
Nice meeting you. Isn't Toyota Touch 2 a default on all C-HRs?
Hi, anyone had any luck with this in the uk? I ordered a bog standard one so will be useful to know its possible to have th maps on screen using a mobile. Thanks
It should be android 4.3 ? Not compatible with newer phones?
Hey mate, from your link i just get the MLID for my phone, Galaxy S7. What that supposes to tell me? Its MirrorLink 1.1 . Is toyotas touch 2 compatible with compatible with 1.1 ??
Well I can't seem to find another link now. Some older Toyotas do support Mirrorlink and so should C-HR, but it's totally dependent on the phone model. Most of Samsungs support it. LG G4, if I remember right, supports it. My Nexus 5 doesn't. So you have to look for your phone compatibility.
Thanks for ur reply man. Yes my phone support it, but mirrorlink 1.1 . I read somewhere that toyota supported mirrorlink 1.0 and not 1.1 , thats why i wanted to know about toyota touch 2 if supports 1.1 .
Sorry, but I don't know that. I've never tried to connect myself as had nowhere to try :) I was just reading some stuff about it after ordering my C-HR :)
I might have to try this with some of the Galaxy Young 2 Phones work has hanging around from previous projects. I think they are Mirrorlink 1.0. Also really tiny so could be tucked away.
Alas after a little research turns out the Young 2 phones are not Mirrorlink compatible.
Discovered this very comprehensive video on this process with a download link in the notes
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