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Toyota CHR 2019 - EPB not available

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Hi have went this afternoon top start my CHR and immediately got EPB not available. The car does get driven but by the looks google searches its possibly the auxiliary battery. Not sure how this hasn't been charging. The car went through its Toyota service less than 12 months ago went they reported everything was ok. Any ideas apart from a jump start and charge it? If it needs replaced is it covered under warranty.

Thanks for any replies
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It's possible you run out or nearly run out of 12V battery?
Or you drove just a handful of km lately? It may be a bit of rust on disks/break pads?

Definitely book an appointment if car is under warranty.

This sounds to me like you almost run out of 12V battery. Enough to start the engine, but all Toyota's hybrids are throwing all sorts of errors after running out of juice.
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