Used for a year however I’m selling the car now.

Did it make the car faster….. probably not….. did it make an awesome sound…. Absolutely!

Details taken from the FENSPORT website

Blitz Advance Power Induction Kit - 42242 - Toyota C-HR 1.2 Turbo

Blitz Advance Power Induction kits for CH-R 1.2 Turbo, use a stainless steel mesh filter with an aluminum variable cooling shield. They have the same flow efficiency as the SUS Power filters and the heat resitance performance of the Sonic Power.

The stainless steel mesh filter enables maximum flow with an agressive induction sound.

Large diameter cooling shield keeps air temperatures low by reflecting heat radiation.

Racing look is achieved with a buffed alloy shield and anodized blue top ring and locking plates.

Large diameter funnel enables high flow efficiency.

Advance Power Induction kit includes everything needed to install onto your vehicle.