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Toyota C-HR sales

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C-HR seems to become the best-seller of Toyota hybrids range, surpassing any other hybrid model of the brand. Below are sales in Europe for January 2017, reported by Toyota at their corporate website:
Prius - 1683*
Auris - 6000
Yaris - 6000
RAV4 - 5000
C-HR - 8000
*All versions, incl. plug-in and Prius+

LS 600h/600HL - 4
GS 300h/450h - 154
IS 300h - 535
RC300h - 114
CT200h - 698
RX300h/450h - 594
NX300h - 2000
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still only seen one
ans said:
still only seen one
Saw my first one on the road this afternoon!
Still not seen a single one but do live in the boondocks.

First time I've seen that they do a Rav4 hybrid btw

How sales of 8k for a month stack up against aygo?
Interesting question. With 88000 Aygos sold in 2016 the average monthly volume is 7330.
Source: Toyota Motor Europe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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