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Toyota C-HR ride review - Auto Express

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The early signs are that the switch to TNGA could well make the C-HR the most dynamically accomplished mainstream Toyota in recent memory; the chassis appeared to have the measure of French cobbles at low speeds, isolating the bottom of the seat from the worst vibrations, but with an assertive enough set-up to settle quickly after faster bumps and resist underbody scuffs in bad compressions.

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It felt decently flat through corners, too - particularly on the 18in wheels of the front-drive manual model. The C-HR will be the first manual-gearbox Toyota in Europe to get the firm's rev-matching electronics, called I-MT. It appeared to be doing an impressive job of blipping the throttle on downshifts, as enthusiastic driver Koba-san pitched the C-HR into tighter corners.

Read the full review at Auto Express:

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