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Toyota C-HR Limited Edition revealed

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A new Toyota C-HR Limited Edition version has been revealed, delivering a rich mix of style, technology and equipment.

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Just 100 examples of this new top-of-the-range C-HR are being made available, exclusively with Toyota's smooth and refined new 1.8-litre petrol-electric hybrid powertrain.

On the street the Limited Edition is distinguished by a bi-tone paint finish that combines Metal Stream bodywork with a contrast black finish to the roof, rear spoiler and door mirrors. Eighteen-inch alloys with a matt black finish and chrome side sills add to the visual impact, together with discreet Limited Edition diamond badging on the centre pillars.

The cabin is fitted out with black leather upholstery, has special Limited Edition badging on the dashboard and comes equipped with a nine-speaker JBL sound system, complete with an eight-channel, 576-Watt amplifier.

The new C-HR Hybrid Limited Edition is on sale now, price £29,995 on the road.


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Basically it's the Style (in Italy it's the medium range - active, style and lounge) with black rims, black seats, jbl and a badge? Not so exciting for me....
It's been discussed here
i like it rob as it links from facebook to here ,very good advert for the site
Going to post on this thread as it has more relevant images regarding the limited edition.

Hmmm, cant help but feel the LE badges are a bit naf, interior badges and a bit of tinsel? For a bit more than the standard Dynamic?

Glad I didn't wait for one, if there was an AWD hybrid or something I'd have been more interested, car manufacturers bring out so many editions that the chances of something being limited are remote sadly.
Karmalakas said:
It's been discussed here
The bloke in post 4 of that thread got it in one....he must work in Toyota's Marketing Dept or sommat! :D

Wonder how long before the badges are available on ebay? :idea:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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