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Touch 2 with Go - manually switch to camera mode

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Hi all,
I have a Toyota C-HR with Touch 2 with Go multimedia system.

I recently installed a 4 camera bird-view parking system on my C-HR. Works well when I put the gear shift in reverse R.

When I turn left or right, I use the indicators and the gear shift is on drive position D. In this case, the camera system is able to show me the curbs. But my Touch 2 with Go multimedia only enters camera mode when the gear shift is in R, not in D.

As you can see in the attached picture, on the 28-pin connector, pin no 2 should be for the Reverse Gear position. But my connector has no wire there. Is empty.

So, my question is:

How do I manually put my Touch 2 with Go in camera mode, without putting the gear shift in R? Does anyone know what signal or voltage and where I need to inject into my Touch 2 with Go to enter camera mode?

Thank you.


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Cannot answer your question
but would be interested in more detail about the kit
as I have a chr
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