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The C-HR will start from £20,995

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The C-HR will start from £20,995 in Icon trim with the 1.2 engine.

What do you think of the pricing?
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Prices seem competetive. Looking forward to seeing co2 figures and full trim options.
My purchase is a company car so hopefully lease figures will be good.
I'm happy with that as the Rav 4 is alot more not going for the 1.2 as a friend has another make and it has an awful flat spot so am going for the Excel Hybrid, dont like the black roof on the Dynamic as being by the coast one bird poo and the roof is ruined, just waiting on the options to appear to see what extras you can get, will be getting Touchngo2 Navigation will be most probabily be an extra @£950 I'd think I would not normally got for SatNav but when I'm going for my next car my mate will buy this off me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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