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Tail lights with daytime running lights

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When daytime running lights automatically turn on, the tail lights are off. The car is poorly visible from behind.
Is it possible to automatically turn on the tail lights with daytime running lights?

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Even in the service settings via Techstream there is no such setting. Your only choice is to turn on the headlamps.
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put the side lights on
What Ans said.

On my GT86, the running lights become the side lights when you activate the switch, but you have rear illumination as well. Should imagine the same on the C-HR.
I imagine day lights should always be on and head lights should turn on automatically if it's set to auto. And tail lights turn on only with head lights. Am I right? I'm not sure what side lights are though.
I think that there should be an option to turn tail lights with daylights (for safety).
But this is the problem of other new cars too.
Volkswagen has an option to change region to Scandinavian and then you have tail lights with daylights.
The car is much more visible from behind if the tail lights are on.
Since January 30, 2015,
option 1.the daytime running lights of a new type of vehicle must be lit in combination
with different lighting, "but at least with the tail."
option 2.Manufacturers can also choose their future models with automatic transmission
from dim to equip beam. One of the two must be present on the car.
Note that this applies to new vehicle types.
It seems that Toyota has chosen for option 2

Further for UK CHR there is no possibility to change your light for continent driving (right hand).
Or for the continent CHR to change to UK driving (left hand).
So you have to use Eurolites stickers. Seems a little old fashion these day,s
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