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Sygic navigation w/o Mirrorlink

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Did anyone try it yet?
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Wow, looks nice. Would like to have it.
God this looks great! I ordered a full version but decided not to include JBL and GPS and that video just make my day! :) Hope to work on mine!
Sygic are really good at integrating into headsets from all sorts of manufacturers. You will probably need the paid version to make full use of all its features but look out for discounts over holidays.
I have the paid version on my iPhone, used in my former car.
My first buy after car's coming :)
But will it work with the iPhone?
Neefkens said:
But will it work with the iPhone?
Don,t think so
I thinks the Iphone has no mirrorlink.
I have an old samsung with android 4.4 and mirrorlink. On my old car (VW Polo it works) but I don,t get it working on the CHR.
holyhead said:
I thinks the Iphone has no mirrorlink.
I don't understand what it says in the video, but I believe it's about connecting without Mirrorlink
The video said it is an S7 edge
holyhead said:
The video said it is an S7 edge
Just type "Mirrorlink car" in Google play Store and as i understand everything seems ready for my car!
Ok, i miss my car yet but i've got sygic :lol:
I can see 3 different packages of navigation and only the "Premium +" gives me connectivity to the car (about 90 euros), so be carefull with this. May a lower package cannot mirroring. To be honest i will wait until i receive my car to check the free version first. You never know, may it works ;)


Also found one more video with sygic
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Tried Sygic with both IPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note I without success. It seems it still needs Mirrorlink driver, which is available only for selected phones.
I wonder then why video title says "No Mirrorlink" :/ Ok then... :)
Finally managed to install DriveLink on my Note N7000 and run it on the C-HR:

Had to root the phone in order to install TMServer.apk. DriveLink is installed normally from the SD card and the phone needs to have Developer mode and USB Debugging activated.
Tomorrow I will try it with all extras after I set-up the phone as replacement for my company iPhone 5s. It will be interesting interesting with two 5"+ phones.
Mine works with an s6 via usb but everytime i press a button on the car screen it crashes. So you have to set it all up on phone then lastly plug it in and not touch a thing lol. Might try and download the cracked version but I cant pay for that

*it just crashes all the time. No good to me. Tried two genuine usb cables just incase.

might try this add on with nav and video playback

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