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Hello everyone, I'm a new and happy owner of my C-HR 2020 2.0 baby, I bought it used. Only after buying I noticed it had these annoying stains on the piano black plastic bit of the interior:
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I tried cleaning it with regular interior cleaners, with dishwashing liquid and even with a bit of white spirit, cause I though it could be an old paint stain. Unfortunately all of these cleaners failed to remove it.

Also important to note - when the stain is wet with water it completely disappears, but once it dries out it becomes visible again. This makes me think that it's just some surface stain that could be removed hopefully..

I'm wondering maybe some of you had similar stains or could recommend me what could remove this? Thank you!
It looks like some kind of solvent stain maybe a type of adhesive maybe,is it rough when you rub it or smooth.
Smooth would make me think someone has maybe touched the surface and solvent has discolured the top layer scorching it slightingly. As a solvent would do. I would take it in to car detailing place let them look
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