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Stormy has arrived!

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Well the wait is over,picked stormy up yesterday(the wife thought it looked liked a storm trooper!)
First impressions excellent,although still trying to work out what the 3 warning beeps are that went off a couple of times.
Thanks to everyone for all the useful info on this site.
Enjoy your car and safe driving View attachment 36 View attachment 36 View attachment 36


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Like the name! Very appropriate. Mine rolled off the production line so hopefully delivery by end of April.
very nice,
nice pics, Great looking car
Enjoy the car... the beeps might be warnings for speedcams... If you have navigation installed.
Kiss u said:
trying to work out what the 3 warning beeps are that went off a couple of times.
Those are the beeps when you deviate from your lane - it's called Lane Assist (or something like that)
Beautiful specimen! Enjoy
Very nice indeed!
Looks amazing.
View attachment 36 Hi,thanks for all the nice comments.
My little job for the weekend LED interior lights!


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Awesome Sauce. Very good.
Very Nice
Do you have a link to the site where you have ordered this LED kit?

Looks great.
Which color are the LEDs?
mjvdzwet said:
Do you have a link to the site where you have ordered this LED kit?
You'll find all the links in this topic
The LED lights come from zenmarket and the seller was hid-led-carpartshop,shipping to the UK took just under 4 weeks.
I've not had time to fit them but in the pictures the colour is bright white.
Kiss U did you order from this link?

If so then which kit exactly did you get? Is it the general purpose one or the exclusive one +2,000 yen? Thanks
No they are not the ones I ordered but look very similar.I ordered from a proxy site called Zen Market,the make of the lights is "YOURS".I've just looked at the site and at the moment they are over £70 plus p&p!The LED lights are excellent quality,but there are a lot more manufacturers of these LED lights packages now the C-HR is a little older.Alliexpress and Ebay have several different versions which are Under half the price.
Just a little info,the LEDS are so bright that I used some blue cellophane in the light fittings which just dims the LEDS slightly and obviously gives the interior a nice blue hue!
Thank you. could you share the link from Zen Market please?
Sorry completely useless on pc but if you go on Zen Market site and search "Toyota C-HR Yours led" it will be the only one that shows up,it's sold by hid-led carpartshop.
Just a bit of advice,I would probably not order this particular one again because you cannot use the supplied led for the vanity mirrors as for some reason the fittings are different.
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