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Standard Stereo - USB Issue

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Hi - got the Dynamic Hybrid, there seems to be an issue with using a USB stick to store music, wondered if anyone else has had any issues?
Got approx. 6GB worth of music on a USB, tried it on both a 8GB stick and a 16GB stick, formatted the sticks first (FAT32), removed any erroneous formats, other than mp3 and wma, reduced the quantity of songs down etc.. etc.. ; I still get the issue where it will start playing, then halfway through the first track will just freeze. The ONLY way to get it working again is to stop the car and turn ignition off and on again! Very annoying! Tried playing the tracks in order and randomly, still the same problem. Bluetooth play is a bit sketchy as well, can't always get that to work either.
Going to head back to dealer to get their input, but wondered if anyone else has had issues?
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The Dutch manual says that the connection is USB 2.0 (12mbps)
Maybe your USB stick is not compatible.

Other restrictions;
Max mapstructure; 8 levels
Max of maps in one device(USB stick); 999
Max files in one divice; 9999
Max files in one map; 255

Mabye the sollution is in something standing above.

Good luck
Try fat 32
There is something seriously wrong with usb usage. I have ripped 11 albums onto a usb stick (192 tracks in total), which worked fine in my prius. Now the C-HR will only play in randow order or what it calls "normal" order - which is alphabetical order of tracks. Who wants that order? I want it to play album 1 (9 tracks of) and then album 2 etc. but it wont. What is more it keeps strting from a randow place near the beginning of the list so I can get to hear tracks beyond about no 12 at all. Rubbish.
select usb ,then settings (two cogs) bottom right hand corner and make sure "normal play order" is selected because the car creates its own playlists,
or page 37 C-HR_NAVI_Europe_OM10545E_16CY
sorry if this is the wrong stereo .need more info
I have had an intermittent problem with both USB stick and iPod (via USB). During playback it just freezes. Turning the audio off/on does not fix it, I have to actually turn off the car and restart in order to unfreeze it. When it freezes I can switch to other inputs such s FM/DAB radio OK. So far this has happened about 6 or 7 times over a period of about 3 weeks and I've been trying to figure out if there is a trigger of some sort before going back to the dealer, such as going over a bump which dislodges the USB connection. I've not found a trigger yet but it does seem to happen in the first 5 minutes or so after starting.

I've been using a 64GB USB stick with about 30GB of music on it and an old 160GB Classic iPod and have had problems with both.

I've not had any problems with playback order etc., however it is very slow when searching through the 140GB of music on the iPod, I quite often get a message saying "I'm working on it" displayed for 5-20 seconds when I select the "Albums" or "Artists" option and it has to compile the list, which can be quite annoying. The system in my 4 year old GT86 didn't have these problems using exactly the same devices.
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What a mess! However, what seems to work for me (I have had similar problems to those already mentioned):
1. Accessory mode allows you to play from USB but not navigate settings- so no sign of it picking up album list, song list, genre etc.
2. With engine on it is possible to navigate settings- so can find lists.
3. However, sometimes it works better to use steering wheel controls, rather than touch screen.
4. USB- format as FAT (I use a iMac so thought mp3 meant doesn't in the CHR; I reformatted to FAT and recopied files from desktop to USB stick and it worked).
5. Worth checking different brands of USB stick- some may work better than others...trial and error.

A lot of faffing about but I hope this helps. :)
Thanks for all the input guys, much appreciated. Thought I'd sorted it - I reduced the number of tracks on the stick and it seemed fine, but the same freezing issue has surfaced again! One thing I did notice was that it skipped track 2 for some reason - I'm wondering if that was .wma format or something? Maybe that might be the issue .... I shall investigate! I will try the NTFS format as well - thanks for the info. Shame the stereo doesn't have the Hard Drive recording facility my Civic Tourer had, that was a great feature. I've emailed the dealer about the issue, but nothing back from them yet.
Hi, I have (by trial and error) made some progress on this.
The C-HR will recognise music stored on the USB as
Folder - Music
Within the Music folder:
- folders named by Artist (eg Music/ArtistA)
- folder named Various Artists
- folder named Playlists
Within the Music/Artist (or Music/Various Artists) folder:
- folders named by Album (eg Music/ArtistA/Album1 and Music/ArtistA/Album2)
Within the Album folder:
- one or more ,mp3 files (there may be other formats too that I have not tried)
(It recognises the properties of the .mp3 files - like title, etc)

This is fairly easy to set up and matches what you get when you rip songs from the CD.

The C-HR will only recognise playlists that are .m3u files (as far as I know)

The m3u files are just a list of files in the format:
They can have other lines beginning with a # but they are treated as comments (and ignored).

The .m3u files can be placed on the USB drive directory, in the Music directory or in the Music/Playlists directory.
(If in the top driectory the format can be /Music/ArtistA/Album1.Song1.mp3 or just Music/ArtistA/Album1.Song1.mp3)
(If in the Music folder the format can be /Music/ArtistA/Album1.Song1.mp3 or Music/ArtistA/Album1.Song1.mp3 or just ArtistA/Album1.Song1.mp3)

It will accept slashes of either direction (/ or \)

The car will not recognise:
- other playlist formats (like .zpl that Groove music produces by default)
- playlsts that refer to files on your computer (eg C:/Users/MyUser/Music...)

You can create the playlist files using notepad - a bit laborious, or using a tool for creating/converting .m3u files (availabl ont eh internet)
or you can trick Windows 10 Groove music into doing most of itfor you as follows:

Use Notepad to created an empty .m3u file.(eg PL1.m3u)
Double click the .m3u file to open Groove music.
Use Groove music to add albums/songs to that playlist (eg PL1).
Close groove.
Use notepad to edit the .m3u file and use a "replace all" to change the full heirarchic file name to a name starting /Music -
eg replace all "C:/Users/Myusers/Music" with "/Music".

Playing music without playlists.
If you just put the USB stick in it will start playing songs in alhpabetical order from all albums.

If you select Browse, songs, all songs, it will show you the list of all songs in alphabetical order, and when you select one it will play it
followed by the next song in the alphabetical list. etc

If you select Browse, Albums, all albums it will show you the list of all songs in alphabetical order, and when you select one it will play it
followed by the next song on the album it comes from.(moving through from album to album in the order that you added the albums to the stick (I think)).

If you select Browse, Albums and select an album it will play just the songs in that album (repeatedly).

Outstanding issues:
1. It would be nice if Toyota documented this!
2. I cant get it to re-start from the place it left of when I switch off the car and restart it. It sometimes does, other times it starts
somewhere nearby - not always at the start of a track. (I suspect it is buffering and restarting from where it buffered to but I am just guessing).
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I gave up I had a 128gb USB 2.0 and filled it with 29gb of music and it did not work so now just use an old 2gb USB 2.0 as I cant be bothered to mess around what I dont understand is that it's not USB 3.0.
Hi All - I've just got back from the Toyota dealer; I reported the fault and they booked me in for a diagnostic session, under warranty. Turns out I didn't even need the session, when I got there, the service manager said it is now a known fault with the latest software the media system is running, and there is a Technical Service Bulletin and software update to cure it. I'm booked to go back in on Friday next week to (hopefully) have it sorted.
I had a crafty peek at the TSB while I was waiting, it lists all the symptoms I was having and the method of re-flashing the software/firmware, but it will be covered under warranty, so best to just book in and let the main dealer sort it out. At least it is a known fault and there appears to be a cure! I will update here after next week.
Ah interesting. In looking at the TSB (prumably that is some kind of an error report?) did you notice anything about it starting at the wrong place in the song list? Or any version/ref nos that I can report to my dealer?
Good to know. I'm guessing this will go out in the next general software update.
Sorry, I didn't note down the TSB number, but I bet I can get it off them, no worries. It affects the software running on a few different models, there were a few other symptoms listed on there, so I wouldn't be surprised if the problems you have are software/ firmware related. And yes, I bet this update will be rolled out as standard during servicing etc.
Hi, did it sort your issue? My car arrived last Thursday, and I've experienced this problem every day so far. Cheers
I upgraded my firmware via the e-store on Friday, and it's been fine since then 😀
Hi all- I took it in last week and they re-flashed the firmware on the stereo. It did the same freezing fault on the way home from the dealer, but after that it seemed OK and didn't freeze at all for 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately it has now started doing it again and is pretty much every time I start a journey - so annoying!! So it looks like my car was already running the latest firmware but the problem is still ongoing!! Booked back into the dealer for this Friday (24/3/17), I will update again after this. Will have a look at the e-store, thanks for that.
**LATEST NEWS** - Hopefully Fixed!!!!
Car went back in yesterday (for the fourth time!!), the freeze fault had got worse and worse, so it was pretty much every time I started the car, after a minute or two.
Initially they (again) thought it was to do with my USB stick, however I have tried many different ones, different formats etc.., so I was pretty sure it wasn't that. Not to mention it had also frozen whilst on iPod AND Bluetooth playback as well!
The dealer got in touch with Compass (who do the technical mods and upgrades for Toyota), and it turns out there WAS a specific Technical Service Bulletin for this fault after all! Not just a re-flash of the firmware, but a complete software/OS replacement, over 8GB in size! Apparently it is limited to Hybrid models and has a number of symptoms, one of which being the 'Freezing of Playback through USB after a couple of minutes'. At last!
For anyone interested, the TSB number is BE-0124T-0914 and also introduces software fixes in the Touch2go Nav system (it seems it might be some sort of clash between the media system and Nav systems), hence the size of the download. The new software version is 6.8.2H
I've only driven a couple of times so far, but looking good so far, not had a problem. Will update if any further issues,
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its the same update in the estore Map Update 6.8.2H
did it over a month ago to sort out a few little niggles
there is a long thread on here somewhere
here for anyone else:
ans said:
its the same update in the estore Map Update 6.8.2H
did it over a month ago to sort out a few little niggles
there is a long thread on here somewhere
here for anyone else:
Spot on ans. That software has been available for quite some time now.
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