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Standard CHR 6 Speaker stereo

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Has anybody heard the standard factory fit 6 speaker stereo in the CHR, and can they offer an opinion please? I really liked the JBL system, but not keen on black leather in an already dark car. Unfortunately you can't specify the JBL without the leather, and £1595 isn't cheap. There is a 9-10 week wait for CHR's specified with this Premium Pack, but only 10 days if you go for the standard interior and stereo. I just wanted an opinion on the factory fit stereo, and what it sounds like. I know it's not going to be as good as the JBL, but the £1595 saved on the Premium Pack would cover the cost of a very good after market system, and a few other nice goodies. The dealer tells me only about 10% of buyers have specified the Premium Pack, which is interesting. Unfortunately my dealer doesn't have a demonstrator with the factory audio system, so I can't get to hear it for myself. Any help much appreciated!
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Come dwon south our dealer has both variants :p
It's quite difficult to find any info on the standard stereo, or pictures of the standard upholstery. All the reviews seem to feature leather and JBL, which is ironic if only 10% of customers are opting for them. I have noticed that in Europe you can get the JBL without the leather, which is really annoying when we have to take both to get the better sound quality. My local audio fitter doesn't rate JBL at all, and says he can fit something a lot better for less than half the price. Not 100% sure I like the blue and grey Dynamic interior, and definitely prefer the half leather in the Excel. Getting all cloth on the top model and half leather, half cloth on the mid range model makes no sense to me at all. Incidentally, Toyota have apparently withdrawn the 1,2 petrol AWD from sale as they hadn't taken any orders for it. Petrol now only available as 1.2 Manual and 1.2 CVT FWD. That has to be the quickest amendment to a range ever!!
They and an Excel 1.2 with part leather and standard system I can take some pictures when I pick mine up if you like, if I'm not distracted of course by picking mine up.
Thanks that's really good of you. I've got the salesman to send me a video of the blue/dark grey interior, and it goes well with the blue dash highlights, and the door cards. Just enjoy picking yours up, and let us know what you think. Thanks again, and be sure to post some pics!
lee789 said:
Thanks that's really good of you. I've got the salesman to send me a video of the blue/dark grey interior, and it goes well with the blue dash highlights, and the door cards. Just enjoy picking yours up, and let us know what you think. Thanks again, and be sure to post some pics!
Lee will this youtube link help you:
just skip through until you see the interior.
Thanks, yes that is the Excel interior with the brown half leather. I just can't understand why they put half leather in the Excel, and all cloth in the range topping Dynamic. Also, brown is an odd choice as it doesn't go particularly well with some colours. Why not black or grey half leather?? The biggest gripe is why plug the Premium pack by sending out nearly all the cars for review with that pack fitted, and then make it special order with a 2-3 month wait time, whilst the fabric, which hasn't been advertised very much at all, is available in 7-10 days. SInce when did leather and a stereo warrant a special order?
Is that all you needed or did you still want me to take pictures as the one my dealer has from memory is the same inside, think the one inside the showroom has the material seats inside but cant really remember, but agree the Turkish factory has a strange way of doing things.
No that's fine thanks, I've got a good idea of the Dynamic standard trim now. Still unable to get an opinion on the standard 6 speaker stereo, but there are reviews for other 6 speaker Toyota systems n the Rav 4 and Avensis, and they reckon they are better than many upgraded systems that other manufacturers offer. So, I'll save my £1600, and if I feel the need will upgrade the speakers, and possibly add an amp and subwoofer later. No, I don't understand the workings of the Turkish factory. Very strange leather is looked on as a special order, when it comes as standard on so many cars. Maybe the Toyota Turks insist on only working with halal leather, and it takes longer to build the cars!! I only hope the build quality is better than on some of the big brand name household appliances that are made there now.
I got my C-HR five days ago without the JBL system and have first hand experience with the sound.
On low volume it sounds quite nice with sufficient lows although the sound is coming mainly from the front speakers. I tried to increase the volume of the rear speakers, but instead the system lowers the volume of the front ones and it doesn't work. At very high volume the sound becomes distorted by the boosted mid-range frequencies.
In general the system has enough power to shake the rear view mirror and give you a satisfactory sound level, except if you want to disturb your neighbors.
Hi, I've got my CH-R in C-ULT trim, which I guess is the analogue of the Dynamic that you get over there. It's got black and blue fabric seats and regular sound system. The seats are okay, I quite like the blue trim, it suits the blue colour of my car. Not sure it will look good with any other bright colour, like red for instance. I haven't experienced the JBL, but I'm more than happy with the standard sound system. The sound is strong and clear, I wouldn't want anything better than what I've got. But I don't make disco parties in the car )))
Many thanks for your replies, they are much appreciated! Enjoy your new cars!
Found this forum by searching the answer to the exact same question :) Will save €830 (we can buy JBL separately from leather seats). Thanks for the answers ;)
i can honestly say that if you turn up the base a couple of notches and the treble and set it to the rear a bit it has a very good sound
My JBL system in my two previous GT 86 was rattle city, its much better in my CH-R
Does anyone know if the standar (6 speaker) system has line out ( to connect it with external amp) for a custom sound system? The JBL system is not available anymore in non hybrid models :( .
I have the OEM 6 speaker system and it sound really great.
Today I opened the dashboard to check the non-JBL head unit and was quite surprised by two things:
1. This is the slimmest head unit I have ever seen;
2. It has really low power - less than 40W total;

Here are some pics:

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It seems like that more can be connected. But the question is what?
Maybe a DVD player. (I've seen something like that on eBay for sale)
The lower two slots are for the Navigation module and the upper one is for CD-changer/rear entertainment system. I was hoping to find a small separate amplifier, but no.
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