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spotted a white c-hr around redhill,just thought i would see if its anybody on here.
feel free to add cars ,
this was quite popular on the old coupe club that was a member of many years ago.
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Spotted a Blue C-HR in the Prestwich area last week.
First one I'd seen apart from my own and showroom models.
Dynamic metal stream silver London road Hailsham
Looks like there may be a few around locally judging by the dealers service area
Spotted a white with black roof driven by an young girl two days ago in Helsinki.
From the rear C-HR looked very dynamic and it was great to drive on a two way road beside her with my own C-HR Pearl.
I wonder how it looked behind us :)
Waved at a silver/metalstream(difficult to tell in the light) C-HR whilst in Peterborough yesterday. With over 8000 sold they are going to be more visible.
blue at 5.30pm on my way home from work just buy the land rover man at whitesmith
I haven't seen any on the road in Australia yet. Only in showrooms.
Spotted white (poss pearl) 66 plate, Peas Pottage roundabout 10/03 just after 5 PM
Jamera said:
Spotted white (poss pearl) 66 plate, Peas Pottage roundabout 10/03 just after 5 PM
i must of just missed that one as i work at peas pottage at the moment
Just seen a Pearl White with black Roof in Windmill Lane, Denton, Manchester.
Thats 2 of us.
Upset the wife when I told her, we're not as exclusive as we were now.
Ok, who has got what looked to be Decauma Grey as it blitzed past me in the opposite direction westbound on the A264 near Blackham at around midday????? :D
We saw a silver /grey CHR in the car park at Hickstead services on Thursday afternoon about 4pm, at the moment in Mini Roadster convertible, but pick up our black Excel at the end of the month looking forward to the new CHR.
Spotted my first C-HR on the road today and then ended up driving "in convoy" for almost an hour and a half :)

Silver / Metal Stream (WO66) overtook me on the M25 around J20 @ 7:20 and I more or less followed around the M25 and up the A12 until I overtook just before Colchester. Last sighting as I was turning off the A12 just before Ipswich @ around 8:45.

Quite enjoyed the feeling of looking at the car thinking "I'm driving one of those too" :)
In Portishead around 17:00 heading towards the M5, silver with lime green accents
17 plate Metal Stream with black roof, 3pm today A38 joining the M5 northbound at Burnham on Sea

First I've seen on the road in two months of looking out for one :)
Spotted around 1pm last Saturday (11/03) driving over Romsley nr Halesowen, Metal Stream with a black roof
Blue C-HR Thorpe Road Peterborough - I was in the loaner Yaris while mine is having Deer damage sorted otherwise there might have been two of us
spotted white one in Eastbourne flashed but no response ,but it was coming out of a junction :(
Spotted my first one today - Dacuma grey on the Basingstoke ringroad at about 11.30 this morning. Looked good.
Spotted 2 today, one on the A23 going past the Pease Pottage turn off and the other was going around the round about at Gossops green roundabout near the garden centre about 4.30pm
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