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Sports mode

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Well, after changing my GT86 for the CHR i tried the Sports mode tonight, Blimey, was quite shocked how quick it was.

I had both of my 86's mapped (the Giallo was so much quicker) and they obviously were quick but the CHR was quality.

Always accepted that from 1st to 2nd would be a bit plodding, I was quite stunned how quick a 1.2 turbo was!! First turbo i have ever had and really impressed.
really starting to love this car, sooooooooooo nervous to change from the GT, but really think I have done the right thing.

Great car, and I think...................I have now found all the buttons................I think lol :eek:
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Fuel economy stats would be good. Could start a thread on 1.2T mpg?
Glad to hear someone else is finding it good too! I came from an Astra GTC 2.0 SRI CDTI and was really worried that I would regret the lack of response in the car! But it's great :D !

I see you are in Surrey too, so I may see you on the road perhaps;) ! That's at least two of us in Surrey now with one :cool: !
It is quite surprising, after hearing all the moans in the press about the performance. And, like you Robbo, It was the one concern that we had. What fun!!
I also came from the GT86 (miss the thrill) but time to move on, love this car & so comfy over those bl**dy pot holes.
A pity it's such a pain to change over to sport via a digital menu.
Wife had the new Lexus hybrid UX and it has a little wheel on the dash so instant choice at traffic lights
Switching to Sports mode works like a charm, just get used to it. ... 🚥
Can I switch to sports Mode too?
In the small screen menu, gives a choice of Eco (feels like you’re towing a caravan), Normal (fine for every day) or Sports (stiffer steering etc.)
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