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I received my space saver spare wheel kit from Burrows Car Parts, Sheffield a couple of days ago. I bought the kit off ebay, genuine Toyota parts but a better price than Toyota dealers. Part No GBNGA-CHRSS-VP.
Dead easy to fit, you just replace the original polystyrene floor with the new one. You get everything you need in the kit, including brace, jack, floor packing and new floor. It raises the floor of the boot by a few inches to that of the back seats when folded down. The boot is big enough to stand this in my opinion.
Burrows Car Parts were great to deal with, there were some issues on their getting the parts from Toyota and they kept me fully informed. It was only a few days delay.
Overall, I'm dead chuffed, I feel a lot happier with a spare wheel in the boot than a useless aerosol can.
My Dealer wasn't interested in providing a spare wheel for some reason, I think it was because they weren't available at the time.
Anyway, all's well that ends well !!
Still loads of room in the boot for all my fly fishing tackle.
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