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Smart Connect unit replacement

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My Smart Connect multimedia unit is being replaced under warranty on Monday, I'm wondering what will happen to my car in the MyT app. It receives data when you aren't in the car, so must connect through the multimedia unit. I'm thinking maybe I will have to delete the car and re-install it, any thoughts on this?
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I would expect you're right though it would be a pleasant surprise if it transitioned over smoothly! You might away with just re-pairing it without having to delete the "old" car and reinstalling from the start again.
New unit fitted, I left the dealer with it all working and all the old info there, took a couple of go’s but once I signed in everything came back
That's good to know, it's probably all stored in the cloud for ease of transfer.
There an official Toyota procedure for replacing a Smart Connect unit & it looks like the dealer followed it correctly.
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