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Should i buy a chr 1.2 turbo ?

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(Not into hybrid At all )
Hi from hungary ! After researching weeks and months on cx-3 ,hrv, Ateca , here i am in last stop toyota chr 1.2 turbo M/T. I heard good and bad things about it and now im lost .
i heard you should not drive it at highspeed nor constantly at high speed , but if im buying a car in this price range , for sure i want to take the car to road trips in highways , budapest-vienna-germany and so on !!! i cant accept a car with this price is only a car for town ! Really ? Thats unfair and a totall disapointment .
Does it mean chr IS sluggish having 2-3 audlt on board at high-speed ?
In case of driving it for hours at 130-140 kmh it means im gonna break the engine ?
- im not planning to drive at 90-100km in motorways while the engine is screaming after 2-3 hours and i keep saying good bye to other cars in motorways :D :D
Please help me out here ! :? :?
Thanks in advance
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High and constant speed applies only for first 1000 miles while the engine is new.
Read Leggera's comment here
Thanks for the reply i checked the link you sent , what about when you cross 1000 miles , Does the engine keep the car in a good condition in motorways ?
What do you mean by "the engine keep the car in a good condition"? It's not the engine that does that ;)
I don,t see any reason why you can,t drive houres with high speed.
(140km/hour approx 75 % of maximum 190. The best speed for long distance and houres).
Toyota C-HR has participated in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring.
Toyota has proven for years that it is reliable.

Have you see the next review.
@karmalakas , I didnt mean "taking care of" by saying "good condition" , i meant im not interested to own an sluggish car that makes me regret every time i go to highways ! I just keep comparing its hp &torque to mazda cx-3 or even cx-5 (because its weight is closer to cx-5's weight )
@holyhead : ive seen that reveiw before but thanks for posting it , although i guess hes mostly manipulating it as he did for mazda cx-3 .
The Other reason for my fear is that ive never owned a 1.2 turbo car ! So all negative thoughts come to my mind ! Is it gonna be sluggish in highway ? What happens to the AC in summer when driving in motorway ?
Its weight and dimensions => so close to cx-5 while chr has leas hp & torque (manual to manual transmition ) .
please correct me if im wrong
The CX 3 has more hp and more torque
The maximum torque is reached at 2800 rpm

The CHR has less hp and less torque
The max torque has in a wide range between 1500-4000 rpm

The engines off the CX are non-turbo engines (the reason that the max torque is reached
by 2800 rpm.
The advantage of turbo engines is that max torque is reached at a lower rpm.

The only way to find out if the Chr is sluggish compared to the CX3 is have a test drive
in both town and motorway.
I've ordered the 1.2 turbo myself and can say it's no slouch. I've got a Honda civic 2.2cdti which is 0-60mph (100km/h) in 8.6secs and can honestly say that I didn't miss the difference.

Cruised along the motorway at 120km/h on the test drive and couldn't hear the engine. Overtaking wasn't a problem either.

From stand still the engine is quite quick off the mark because of the way the have designed the engine and the manual gear box with its rev matching is so smooth.

I know and understand why lots of people have gone for the hybrid but the 1.2 manual is such fun to drive and is quite economical, I managed about 45mpg on a 20min test drive that was in traffic, on motorway and through villages.

I was thinking of the Honda HRV before CH-R was realeased, lovely looking car and nice drive but then there's the CH-R!

Not as quick as the CX-3 but if you buy the CX-3 what are you going to be thinking every time you see a CH-R next to you on the road?
I have bought and get it on wednesday 1 st march ,metal stream dynamic ,1.2 turbo , soon as i saw it i thought wow , got to have it ,cannot wait, i was not keen hybrid noise,
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