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Seating Comfort

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Hi Guys, just wondering if anybody else is getting lower back pain from their drivers seat? I have tried moving everything but it seems to be getting worse.

Any seat experts out there??

Thanks Paul :roll: :roll:
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I recently found a little button on the right side of the drivers seat that changes the lower back, lumbar support.

Changed my life
Interesting discussion I also found adjusting the lumbar support made a huge difference, and I guess the right position is the one that is comfortable, but I've no idea how it is supposed to be set.
Depends on you and your back posture and driving position.
I have to say that the C-HR is not the most comfortable car seat that I have ever had, but neither is it the worst.
well i think it is very comfortable compared to my merc on short journeys , going to be going on its first longish journey this weekend (hour and half) so will reserve judgement until then, but i honestly think its a very comfortable car and so does the wife.
I took me about 4 weeks to get used to the seats.

The first two weeks I spend adjusting the height, angle, lumbar and steeringwheel.
The first week I had a lot of neckackes.
Thanks guys, think I have confused myself, started with a right leg pain sorted that, then now got lower back pain when I get out!!!! The ironic thing is I bought this for comfort as I drive in the rush hour in London and thought my old gt86 was wasted, never had a problem with the gt seats, but having a nightmare with my ch r premium seat , have tried the lumbar support but think it makes it worse, no doubt I will sort it (I hope) but a little stressed I won't lol :shock: £28000 mistake? Lol
If I let my mom drive my car, then it takes me a month to get the seats right again :/
Give it some time, I know the feeling of "dissapointment" and thinking you have made a wrong decision.

My previous Auris had marvelous seats, no seating problems what so ever. But... my girlfriend reminded me of the fact that when I traded my Seat Leon for the Auris I also complained a few weeks about how "bad" the new seats where. :?

You're body is completely accustomed to your old car and it takes time to get used to it.
Make sure you sit quite upright, have slightly bend arms when your wrists lay on top of the steeringwheel. For me sitting lower is more comfortable in the C-HR. Don't sit to close to the paddles. Sit in such way you can press the brake to the floor without moving/stretching your leg. Make the motion with your foot. If nescecairy pull the steeringwheel towards you.
Thanks will try all that, sure I will get it sorted, just a touch stressed I won't!!! Lol don't really do stress"..............I think
i am wondering if this is something to do with leather seats
In my country they offered seats with fabric, or if u go with top version with partial leather. If u wanted full leather seats, it was an extra. Mine is partial leather with power-adjustable lumbar support on driver seat, and are very comfortable and supportive !!
Just for information, I have partial leather seats.
One thought is to do what I did. When I test drove I found the seats really comfortable but not so much when I got the car so I simply asked the dealer if they could set my seat up to match the test drive car.
It may help if you shared

1) Your height
2) If you've had previous back issues
3) Your age
4) Apparently whether you have cloth or leather seats can make a difference? :lol:

I'm a [email protected] and the seat height/incline/tilt of the cloth seats in the C-HR is perfect for me and I'm 52, not had any back issue since a teenager when in traction for 2yrs.

Since driving I've not found many cars that were uncomfortable excepting a Fiat 500x and a vauxhall insignia, both on a months hire in 2015 & 16
Collected My 1.2 Turbo Excel January 2017. Metallic Stream.

I just have a BIG ISSUE, with the blooming Drivers Seat.
I cannot get this comfortable, at all & I am struggling to resolve the following:-

When I do seem to have this seat at the Correct Height & the Back is ok.
It keeps changing itself somehow, especially the Back Rest.
It appears to move itself forwards, then backwards, at its own whim.
With no apparent understanding why ?

No matter how patient I have been & used the Lumbar Control, as well.
I cannot continue living with this crazy situation. It does NOT EVER feel
correct Nor Comfortable, It's Driving me to distractions.
Anyone any idea PLEASE.

It's not that the seat is Electrically adjustable, apart from this Side Lumbar Control Switch.

My New Generation 2015 DS5 was not a problem, nor any of my other Brand New Vehicles EVER.

Never go by Looks alone, they take out Breath away, then Steal our Lives, with immense stress & concern.
I am thinking about changing ASAP. That makes me very sad to even be thinking this, so very soon.

Steve, Worcestershire.
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Strange. I also had lots of trouble finding the right position (and still know what could be adjusted, but it doesn't let me), but didn't have a problem with the seat adjusting itself :/
well i guess if it is that much of an issue you will have to get rid of it, the only person who can set the seat up is you.i also dont think that the lumber support moves of its own accord ,does anyone else drive the car ?
the only other option is to give your back time to adjust to the new seat a live with it,
i think they a really comfortable so no problems here and i have back damage from a van accident many years ago meaning i get really bad sciatica.(foam cushion seat sometimes required in the merc).
If I have pain in my back, I'm going to sit in the C-HR, then it's gone after a quarter.
BTW, I have no adjustable, lumbar support
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