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Sat nav - auto start route

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I'm sure I read somewhere that it was possible to store up to 5 routes a day that were initiated if the car was started within a time window. I assume this would be via MyToyota. I can see how to send journeys to my car, but no sign of this feature.

Did I dream it or has anyone found this feature?

(If I did indeed dream this and you're listening Toyota, I'm happy to sell you the idea!! 馃槂)
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No you did not dream it - but it is not something I have even looked for yet
page 204 C-HR_NAVI_Europe_OM10545E
You have to store at least one favourite address.
Then you can set days and times.
I use it every work day for my commute. It's handy to get traffic info.
Thanks all, ironically I jumped in the car after posting this, had a play and found it!
On favourites screen, press button with the dots at the bottom, them click clock icon at end of the saved location.
Not done it but looks straightforward?
It is straightforward ;)
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