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Running in

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Hello all. I have searched but can't find a definitive answer. Do the 1.8 hybrids need running in ? I need to do a 2,000 km round trip from Spain to France and have 400kms on the clock. It is about 70% motorway. Cheers in advance for any advice that may be forthcoming.
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Hi I'm only new here but i have a feeling that hybrids don't need the same running in period as an old petrol engine. Happy to be corrected though :)
Did you read the manual? It says it does:
To extend the life of the vehicle, observing the following precautions is recommended:
●For the first 300 km (200 miles):
Avoid sudden stops.
●For the first 800 km (500 miles):
Do not tow a trailer.
●For the first 1600 km (1000 miles):
• Do not drive at extremely high speeds.
• Avoid sudden acceleration.
• Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods.
I wonder what they mean by a constant speed for extended periods?

Are we saying travelling at 100kph for 30 mins is an extended period or 130 kph for 1 hour?
Mmmm I queried when I picked car up tho mainiy from perspective of running pads and discs in. Dealer told me to drive normally and nothing to avoid. I then drove south coast to Leics and back via Staffs on cruise ie constant. I wonder what they mean by high speed? Obvs not condoning anything here, but..
Wife has had to do one emergency stop and the car decided to do a partial version when the radar got excited. Apart from that.....
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