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Roof Rack

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Has anyone purchased the roof rack?

If so I'm looking at buying it and fitting myself but wondered firstly if there was much wind noise ?
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I bought one for my Prius 2 years ago. Never again. It marked the paintwork, slowed the care down considerably (when fitted with a roof box) and added to the noise.

I would never fit one to my C-HR.
Just ordered a set of bars from the official Toyota eBay store.

Required for a trip to France in August with our 8 year old niece & 5 year old nephew.

Already got a roof box from my Panda.

I hope the motion sickness in the rear (ohh err misses) stories aren't true :lol:
What are link of Toyota eBay store?
Here's a link to another product.

It's the official U.K. Store :)

Prices considerably undercut main dealers.
Sigh... Doesn't post to Italy...
Our roof bars have arrived. Not assembled yet. Tomorrow if it's fine :)
I have the official C-HR roof bars. No complaints and no noise. However their wide streamlined shape is too wide for my bike mounts. Anyone solved that one?
I have official roof bars and thule top box from Toyota. Easy mounting, with different size bar fittings for front and back due to the difference in the roof size where it slopes, nice easy location slots to clip into just under the door frames and very little noise when travelling at speed.
Bought the genuine bars from Toyota's online eBay store.

Made by Thule, bit of a faff to set up & fit first time but solid.

Not sure I'd leave them on full time as I think they'd damage the paint :(

Roofbox fitted today ready for France in a few weeks time.

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