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Red accent pack

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:D Ordered end January picked up this week.
Red accent really suits the dark grey.
Great to drive.
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hello and welcome we need pictures to back that statement up ;)
Grey and red are a great colour combo!
I can really see it working well with Grey - it looks surprisingly good with blue.
Would love to see some pictures please.......
Pics added
Have also ordered the red wing mirror covers, not ready yet, but not entirely sure about them now.
I guess your front bumper trim, like mine, is a 3 part kit. Whilst I like the effect, the end pieces do not join up with the centre piece very well. Be careful when you wash the trim, cos it can catch on your mitt/cloth/sponge. I asked my dealer whether the pieces can be stuck together better and they said no - it is in the design!!
Each to his/her own but I find the accent packs a little to 'rice' for my liking and will leave it to DS3's etc
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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