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Rattly Number Plate

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Had my C-hr for a week now and noticed that when l close the boot the number plate rattles against the metal and makes a tinny sound.

Sounds like the boot is made of cheap tin. Has anybody else got this problem.?
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Same here. Although I suspect it's the horrible surround the dealer seems to have put on the car.
Tempted to take it off and have the plate directly on the car. Would certainly solve any vibration issues.
I suspect it is also the cause of a rattle when going over pot holes.

I will remove it tonight and see if it fixes it.
3Mtape stuck to the plates will stop it. peace each end and s bit in the middle
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Thanks for the replay.

Had a word with the dealer and he said if l bring it in they will put sticky pads behind the number plate and that should stop the rattling. They know about the issue.
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Think I will still take mine off and wax all underneath. Always forget when I'm cleaning it.
I had a similar issue and this AM in my glove compartment I found two rounded shape "sticky foam" sort of. I guess that would be their purpose?
I always use double sided tape all around the plateholder. It will not rattle and no water will leak behind it after a wash.
I found the same. On closing the boot it made the car sound so cheap!

I put a few felt pads on the back of the number plate as a quick fix.
Me too. Thought it was because my dealer uses metal plates. going to replace with some acrylic ones and pads.
My plates are flappy at the ends and they rattle when the boot lid is shut. Is there any thickness of the double sided tape to use? I see some 6mm thick and others don't say anything.
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