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Production Date

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Finally given a production date of my car.

It's going to be "born" at 12:06 on the 17th March, this is when it rolls off the production line.

Didn't realise they are then transported from the factory in Turkey to Athens port in Greece then shipped from there.

Dealer says he should have a delivery date by 20th March but will be by end of April if not sooner depending on shipping plan!

Getting excited.
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I live in Greece. They give me 15th May (2,5 months) also for 1.2 Dynamic that i ordered last week.
How did you learn the "born" date? Is there also any way of tracking it through web?
I just called the dealers and they have all the information. Once it's assigned a build number they can track it all the way.
Sounds as though you are in the April production run. I ordered mine in January and was told march production but possibly February.
Interesting, as my dealer told me this morning that the shipping company have said my car will arrive at the end of March, which means it's already been born?

Looks as if he's going to get another call :)
Probably already been produced and sailing as we speak. Approx 2 weeks sail from Greece to UK and probably have to unload possibly enroute.
2 weeks sailing time makes sense although I'm sure they are coming from Turkey and not Greece, then off loaded in Belgium and then car transporter to Germany.

Awesome, can not wait :)
I would ignore anything that the dealer says about delivery.

I had a call from my dealer early February saying that my car would be "in transit" to them around the middle of February and then another call last week to say that it was in the workshop at that moment.

When I collected the car on the 1st March it had been at the dealers for at least a month before that and had been PDI'd on the 3rd February!!!!
Dealers here in Cyprus have been amazing and tell you the whole process etc. Originally got told my have got February production but soon called me in January and said I'd missed it by 4days and will be in March.
Cars are manufactured in Turkey then transported to Greece (Athens) for shipping.
Brother-in-law has just been round in his new C-HR, very nice :)

He has a Style model (Dynamic in the UK) but it comes without Navi, Leather Seats but he did opt for the LED Package.

Interesting to note that his car was built in Sept 16!

In Germany it tells you in the registration documents when the car was built along with which date is was first registered, which means his car was 5 months old before he brought it!
September is when they started taking pre-orders in Cyprus.
Your brother in law probably was in the pre-release production. Obviously they had to produce alot before releasing them!
You never know of his might have been one of the first few off the production line.
Would be interesting to know!
I had a look at the chassis number and it's around the 18000 mark. He was hoping for one of the first 1000 or so but :cool:
Anyone know if the production date is readable anywhere in/on the car ?
In my C-HR where different quality control stickers with date 17-2-2017. I think that's the day he came out of the factory.
Order date was 25-1-2017, 5-4-2017 he arrived at the Toyota dealer
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