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Hi guys.

I have a subwoofer from my old car I was wondering if I could use in my C-HR. It was not powered by an amp, - just from the Pioneer headunit itself. it's probably fairly easy to pry open the side thingy in the boot and extend the wires as its 'just a speaker' but I wonder what the JBL stereo will think of it.
My spare sub is a encased 12" Sony, -silverlined I think and all sorts of bells and whistles .... but it does sound _good_ and provides the controlled punch I would like to have in this car as well.
Does anyone know, or even tried this ?

and is it correct that it has virtually no audio controls whatsoever, apart from standard base, mid, treble ? .-)

Kim Igel.

P.S. New in this forum, - have had my C-HR for 1 week... still reading manuals and tinkering with settings and buttons, - so bare with me if it's a weird or stupid question .-)
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