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Platform development made Toyota late to the game

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What took so long for Toyota to come out with a crossover? Blame the Toyota New Global Architecture modular platform.

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When Toyota started working on the C-HR six years ago, Toyota planned to put it on a small-car platform, Hiroyuki Koba, chief engineer on the C-HR, said.

But midway through the crossover's development, Toyota shifted to the upcoming TNGA. "We were studying which [platform] was best and after looking at TNGA we said, "This is best,'" Koba said.

The C-HR is the second Toyota -- behind the new Prius -- to use the TNGA platform. Its use allows the automaker to package three different powertrains into the C-HR. The TNGA also reduces production cost and complexity by sharing components with its platform mates, the Prius and next-generation Corolla, expected in 2019.

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