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Petrol brand performance change

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I have had a few cars overheat while using supermarket petrol (tesco/sainsburies) so was sticking to esso only.

I had no choice but to use tesco stuff the other day. It was like driving a 1.0l car. I guess I got used to it and stopped overtaking cars completely as it had no go.

Then I put esso in and as i left the forecourt I thought I was going to slide into the bushes with the unexpected surge lol.

It feels like I have twice the torque in comparison.

So if your chr is more gutless than you thought, it might be worth trying esso95 on your next tank!
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I'm only putting in Premium unleaded until I am happy it's reasonably run in.
Actually it was premium unleaded at the tesco i used.

Maybe it doesnt like premium octane. Who knows.
There's no benefit on using 99RON fuel in our engines

All unleaded is the same but the additive package added by specific brands makes the difference.

I just add a 50ml shot of Miller Petrol Ecomax which should bring any supermarket fuel up to Shell Wallet Cleanser standard.

Have been lucky since getting the CHR as have used Sainsbury's fuel vouchers meaning I've paid no more than £1.06ppl, when doing so I always take 5 x 10l jerry cans so I can use the full 100l allowance. Also means that in 1800 miles driven I've only been to refuel at a station twice so far.

So how much are you paying per liter for your fuel?
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