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Ordering mine today

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Hey all,

I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and currently drive a 1.8 Toyota Corolla T-Sport. After careful consideration in buying a new car (first time I've ever had the opportunity to buy new) i have been deliberating between a Range Rover Evoque and the new CHR. Following a test drive in the CHR, i was convinced, especially in comparison with the fuel economy of the Evoque so going down to Toyota dealership today to put my order in.

Ive seen some beautiful body kits online in Japan but wondered if they are available over here in the UK as i can't seem to find any links.

Anyone know any different?

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There are some specialist importers who may be able to supply you. Some sell on TRD and Modellista parts are likely to be extremely expensive, from my experience with other jap cars. Good hunting!
hello and welcome Bumble
i dont think the UK stockist have anything in yet .
may have to order in as they seem exspensive
i can see a spring meet coming on as there are a few in Sussex and Kent . tunbridge wells is only 30 mins away from me
Yes - spring meet is a great idea. Seen another two registrations in Eastbourne this week!!
sorry for hi jacking this thread,will sort out nearer the time
Thanks for the replies. A meet sounds good as i am originally from Eastbourne and still work in Hellingly, but moved to T Wells a couple of years ago. Following my wedding in May this year we are looking to move back down that way.
do you work at the hospital by any chance
Yes. Although I train staff now rather than work on the wards
Until I retired I used to have an office at Woodside, and worked on the Hellingly hospital site, and latterly Bowhill, on and off from the 1980's. Some great memories but sad about the redevelopment.
its a small world
ans said:
its a small world
My office is in Woodside Annexe now but used to work on wards at D.O.P Eastbourne.
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