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Picked my 1.2T manual CH-R yesterday.

What a beast! So light and agile for a chunky car.

The test drives I had must of been in Eco or Normal mode as when I put it sport mode what a little pocket rocket.

The looks it got driving in the town and stopping at traffic lights is great and brings a smile to my face.

Thought it was going to be complex to play with the gadgets but it really is quite easy.

My kids love being in the back, so all those reviews about kids not liking it obviously didn't put kids in the back!

I do find the boot quite a heavy beast to lift. Just a pity they didn't make it an automatic function.

So far got 42mpg in first 70miles but have been booting it quite a bit.

The manual gearbox is sublime, especially when you use it in I-MT.

Christmas has come early.
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