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No all seasons tyres for 18 inch?

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I can't find any allseasons tyres for the 225/50 R18 rims. Anyone? And i don't want the runflats.
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Thanks for searching! I guess this is an American site. Are the tyres deliverable in Europe?
The Michelins can't be found on the french Michelin site.
Also on or no show.
Try some results here if you're OK with non Michelin. Try changing domain after site: and search query to your needs in different languages :)
Thanks again. On your results on the french site there is only the runflats from Goodyear and Pirelli. No other. Therefor i think that in Europe there are no others allseasons.
Maybe. In my country there's no point buying all season tyres. You wouldn't be able to drive uphill in winter :) So I've never had an issue with choosing the right ones :)
What tyres do you have?
I have two separate sets for summer (Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance) and winter (Goodyear Ultra Grip ICE 2)
Here in Netherlands jou can order on this site,, that size in all season from Pirelli and Goodyear.
So if you in your country search in this brands, mabye jou find them.
Thanks for searching. But those tyres are the Runflats. My dealer and a tyre-expert advised me not to buy them. Too stiff, no nice comfortable ride.
At the end you can try another compatible size - 215/55 r18
You can use both sizes, 225/50/18 or 225/55/18! The 55-series may be SUV-type tires! I have tried both sizes and the only difference that I noticed, was a little bit softer feeling with 55-series!

Is it allowed? And does it fit?
Yes, both will fit: 215/55 r18 and 225/55 r18.
The first one matches perfectly the diameter of the original tires and improves the petrol consumption. The second tires offer better comfort due to the increased height.
This is one reason I stuck with 17s so I could keep winter tyres on them. Then for summer I will buy some 19 inch alloys.
Michelin just informed me that the popular Crossclimate+ Will NOT be available in 225/50 R18. :(
Anyone done any snow driving in the stock tyres? If so any feedback on how the the car got on?
MerlyWerly said:
Anyone done any snow driving in the stock tyres?
Actually, as the car comes with summer tyres, everyone getting a car delivered now is not allowed to drive out from the dealer's garage until they get fitted winter or all season tyres. At least in my country.
In Holland it's allowed to drive with summer tyres in the winter. I let the dealer install Michelin Alpin5 wintertyres. I like them a lot, it felt safe yesterday when the roads were all white.
Today i ordered the Goodyear Vector 4 seasons 235/50 R18. It is allowed to take the 235 instead of the standard 225.
So no extra investment in rims and i can trade in my wintertyres.
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