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No 1.8 engine option on Toyota website

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Hi all, new to this forum having just ordered an excel 1.8 a month ago. Today I noticed that on the Toyota car configuration page the only engine variant available is the 2 litre. Does anyone know if this is a glitch, and if not could my order which is being processed potentially going to have to change? I tried both desktop and mobile versions and had the same result.
Thanks for your help, and looking forward to getting involved in what looks a really useful community here.
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No its not a glitch - Since start of May the current C-HR is now on factory run out before the all new one enters production in September.

Your C-HR should process as ordered.

Since start of May - no more 1.8 hybrid C-HR can be factory ordered.

You can currently factory order a 2.0 hybrid only & no factory fitted options available now either.

There is a pool of various new 1.8 hybrid C-HR coming to the UK so if anyone wants one ask your Toyota dealer what combinations are available before they all sell out.
Wow, thanks a lot for the prompt response. I feel lucky in some way that I ordered on 24th April, but I wasn’t made aware of the change coming. Happy days hopefully.
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