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New LEDS wow!

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Just fitted the new interior LED LIGHTS and they are pretty damn good.
Picture taken outside my house tonight at 19.45,and the inside looked like daylight!


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Do the leds still dim needly?

Did you use the "japanese" led kit?
I purchased the LED lights from a site I had used before called Zenmarket ,the lights are made by 'Yours' and seem to be extremely well made.I didn't fit the vanity LEDs as our fittings are slightly different.Not quite sure what you mean by dimming
But the lights come on almost instantly.
Are you from Australia too? :D
No but I've just booked a lovely holiday to Australia at the end of the year!! :D
So you're already preparing for your up side down vacation :D
With all that Austalian wine I won't know which way is up! :D
mjvdzwet said:
Do the leds still dim needly?

Did you use the "japanese" led kit?
i think they mean that when you shut the door do the leds dim slowly and then go out
Ah I see,no the LEDs when they come on or go off have a slight flicker which is hardly noticeable.
I had ijdmtoy interior LED's fitted in my 3G Prius for a while earlier. They were just *way* too bright. You opened the doors and it was like being in a hospital operating room. Also the color temperature was very cold. After taking them out, I felt like the standard lighting is actually quite nice and doesn't hurt your eyes when it's dark outside.

The kit I'm talking about was this one:
I've seen a similar one offered for the C-HR but I'd advice against it, you just don't need that many LED's. Maybe if there were less but 326 SMD's.. geez.
Yes I can see what you mean those are some serious LEDs.The CHR kit has nowhere near the amount of LEDs of those in the Prius kit.But I will have to see if I get use to these or not,but for the moment I'm liking them.
Looks really good.
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